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Video: M83 – “Steve McQueen”

This album is almost a year old and I am not even the least bit sick of it.


Video: First Aid Kit – “Wolf”

If Lykke Li and Fleet Foxes had a child…

Video: Chemical Brothers x VELODROME

This song specially commissioned for the LDN Olympics evokes some very non-British cultural items, namely Daft Punk’s “Robot Rock” and Hollywood’s TRON. But I’m going through Olympics withdrawal and the Velodrome is preeettty preeeetty cool.

Video: Gotye YouTube Mash-up!

This just makes me so happy about the human race. Music. Solidarity.

Video + Stream: Django Django

NPR has got the self-titled Django Django album streaming. This album actually came out in the spring but is being officially released in the US next week. Gotta love the psychedelic mix of “Default” and the surf rock of “Hail Bop”, whose video evokes Tron crossed with Dali crossed with a Barbie dream house.

Video: Justice – “New Lands”

Prog rock machismo + French electro DJs = the sport of THE FUTURE!

In other sci-fi-inspired videos, see a not at all funny Google Glass dystopia.

I Find Serenity in Chaos: New York City in Miniature

This has less to do with music and more to do with filmmaking but whatever. Though this tilt shift/time lapse video is perhaps not as good as the Rio Carnaval one or the Beijing one, the use of Air’s “New Star in the Sky” turns the hustle and bustle of New York into blissful peace.