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Learned this while on vacation last week and freaked the fuck out. Shaking the Habitual coming soon! This expansive first release “Full of Fire” is a promising array of dissonance and menace. Also the Knife will be touring Europe this summer! OK I declare – 2013 is the year I finally take my music pilgrimage. After all I am going to be 25 in May and I would like to celebrate a quarter century of musical love.


Beach House – “Equal Mind”

All I can say is: Victoria Legrand, beautiful. I found Beach House’s Teen Dream okay with some blindingly bright spots (“Walk in the Park” is the star of my Unrequited Love playlist), but I have a feeling the upcoming Bloom is going to be better. Out on Sub Pop 5/15.

Austra’s Creepy Cover of Robyn’s “None of Dem”

austra robyn

“None of Dem” is one of my favorite songs on Body Talk, featuring a delightful Royksopp minor and lyrics of ennui and frustration which I feel basically every day – I’m so bored in this town / Take me away from here. I guess I’m not alone in my sentiment because here’s Austra cover of “None of Dem” on Australian radio station Triple J. In typical Austra style it sounds like a witch séance.

New Gorillaz “Do Ya Thing” Out Tomorrow! + Sneak Peek Video

Cool production video. Albarn + Hewlett in action, with the added sugar daddy Converse.


Grimes Streaming at NPR

grimes visions

NPR is streaming the upcoming Grimes album Visions, out on 4AD on Feb 21 (see, music drought is over). Fun fact: Claire Boucher is MY AGE – only 23 – and has just produced a hotly anticipated album on GarageBand featuring herself. Certainly puts me to shame. Says NPR: “it’s almost adolescent at times, like Aqua has been practicing with Mariah Carey.”


Turn of the Year Music Drought is Over, Carry On

There hasn’t been a lot of new music out recently. November brought some huge releases but the end of last year mainly filled with Best of 2011 lists and January… well who does anything in January? January is S.A.D. time for you, me and the artists, so the best we got was some singles, videos and remixes.

BUT NOW! It’s February and it’s time to stop dragging our feet.

Yesterday Air‘s Le Voyage dans La Lune landed on earth so listen in on some fresh recordings of the French duo’s journey through space. This time around the album has got a bit more guitar and percussion than in past efforts, bringing you from powerful liftoff to Zen weightlessness.

Some great streams this week. Early contender for best album list of 2012 is Phèdre’s self-titled debut LP, an “avant-pop” symphony of whimsy. A lot of Phèdre, besides containing sprinklings of Greek mythology, sounds like what you might hear from stumbling in on a really awesome DJ with really awesome A.D.D. Favorites are the frenetic “Cold Sunday”, which blends MC rambling, delightful dissonance, and slow churning electro bass, and “In Decay”, which on the surface sounds like “Oh What a Night” or “Come on Eileen” but if you listen more closely, tells the story of murderous lovers and dead bodies in need of organs, all with a poppy skip in its step.

Tennis is streaming Young & Old, which wouldn’t sound out of place at a high school dance in a gym in the early 60s. I love the single “Origins” and Alaina Moore’s sweet voice, but found their schtick a little tiring and lacking the youthful misery of Cults.

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Girls’ Generation on Letterman

I think Regis liked them.