Very Slowly Warming to Bushwick’s Friends


I want to hate Friends so bad. They embody so much that I despise – the glorification of Bushwick, the abuse of 90s jean shorts and Super 8 cameras. And the out-of-tune singing! Their song “I’m His Girl”, which should be featured in School House Rock: FEMINISM, is probably the worst offender. Moronic lyrics and ugly clothes.

Yet, I can’t help but enjoy the freshman release of this group of hipster friends (that’s where they got their name, unsurprisingly). All of my issues with Brooklyn hipsters aside, you can actually tell this album was made by a group of friends because it is so goddamn much FUN. Samantha Urbani kind of sucks at singing, but she has got a pleasantly whiny 90s style of delivery, straight out of all those dance hits of lore, and a real sexiness. Bass lines are equally seductive, while guitar hooks ring out infectiously. Meanwhile, the mix of percussion creates a vibe of never-ending backyard party.

This is one of my favorites, besides “Friend Crush” and “Va Fan Gor Du”. Lyrics I want to sing along to, a soulful and emotional delivery, BONGOS!, and a perfect little bridge:


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